Re-Elect Mayor Lowe

God is great!  I am thankful to Him for allowing me to serve as the Mayor of Columbiana these past twelve years.  God also blessed me to be able to work with some of the finest public servants, city employees and volunteers that any city could have. 

I am grateful to my family, friends and supporters for all of the love, prayers and efforts that have been poured upon me during these years, and I am looking forward to having more time to spend with all of them.

Please join my family and me in praying for our city's future, and pray that the Lord and His Will remain  everpresent factors in each and every decision that is made for the good of our community.

I wish the incoming administration the same cooperation and commitment that I have always had from the people who had our city's best interest at heart.  I will continue to serve the rest of my term giving the residents of Columbiana the integrity and honesty in leadership that they have come to expect. 


Allan Lowe
Mayor, City of Columbiana






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